Unlock the Full Potential of Your Theault Horsetruck or Trailer:

List it on Renteo and Become a Renteo Agent

Whether you want to boost your business with a new venture or ease your monthly expenses, Renteo is your partner in achieving your rental goals

 - Step one: Get in touch with Renteo 

  • You own a Theault: less than 8 years old and less than 200.000 km, or
  • For other brands*: maximum 3 years old and under 100,000 km
  • You own a trailer: less than 8 years old, or
  • You're considering purchasing a Theault horsetruck

*Contact us to learn more about the approved brands.

If you encounter any of these situations, don't hesitate – reach out to François right away or complete the form below.

- Setting up your Personal Space

Once your vehicle meets our criteria, we'll assist you in creating your personal account and guide you through the process until it's live online. Your personal space will give you access to all information about your vehicle, including its features, location, and photos. You can also customize your rental prices and terms. Easily check your schedule to see when your horsetruck is available for rent or block it for your personal use.


- Listing Your Ad and Promoting Your Vehicle

To attract attention to your vehicle, Renteo offers a complimentary communication kit that empowers you to market your vehicle in your local area. Additionally, we leverage the influence of social media and Google to actively promote the vehicles featured on our platform. You'll also benefit from increased visibility during the events and competitions that Renteo participates in...


- Rent out with Confidence !

Rent out your horsetruck or trailer worry-free with Renteo. You'll receive email or SMS notifications for all upcoming bookings. When a customer reserves your horsetruck online, they make a secure advance payment directly on the website. The initial and final vehicle inspections are easily conducted through our provided app. Simply take photos, fill in the necessary details, and you'll receive your signed contract within minutes. This contract ensures the security of all your rentals.


*  To cover operational, technological, and advertising expenses, Renteo charges a 5% commission on each rental for the first year (then 18%), this also applies to trailer. For non-Theault horsetruck, the commission is 22% from the start


Examples of earnings when listing your vehicle on the platform

Income (VAT included) ** Service fees deducted




Are you interested in discovering the demand we're recording in your area ?


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